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Krymskaya Embankment

From Gorky Park to Muzeon


The pedestrian embankment is located in the Yakimanka district and runs along the right bank of the Moskva River connecting Gorky Park and Muzeon. In 2013, the embankment underwent large-scale reconstruction, and it turned from a gloomy space separated from the Muzeon and the Central House of Artists by a high fence into a fashionable place for recreation and became part of a ten-kilometer pedestrian and bicycle zone starting on Sparrow Hills.

The project for the renovated embankment was created by the Wowhaus architectural bureau known for its work on numerous urban spaces and cultural objects. The architects have designed a zone of fountains that spring directly from the ground, pavilions for artists instead of a spontaneous vernissage, and a landscape park.

All objects have become part of a single architectural ensemble built around the wave theme. A linden alley, a pond with a multi-tiered bench, an observation deck, an amphitheater and an open auditorium also appeared here. There are cafes on the waterfront where you can have a bite after a walk.

Photo: Gorky Park

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