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Prechistenskaya Embankment

Great views and a treasure trove of historical architecture


500 years ago Prechistenskaya Embankment was the entrance to the White City – the place where rich and noble Muscovites lived. Now people admire the Cathedral of Christ the Savior from here, walk along one of the most beautiful pedestrian bridges in the capital and enjoy the views of amazing architectural monuments.

Prechistenskaya Embankment stretches along the left bank of the Moskva River – continues Frunzenskaya Embankment behind the Krymsky Bridge, runs along the Cathedral of Christ the Savior to Lenivka Street and passes into the Kremlin Embankment under the Bolshoy Kamenny Bridge. The place got its name from Prechistenka Street, and in 1924 it was renamed Kropotkinskaya in honor of the anarchist prince Pyotr Kropotkin. The historical name was returned in 1992, and the Cathedral was opened in 1999 – its ensemble with Bolotny Island is connected by the pedestrian Patriarshy Bridge built over the embankment. The bridge is openwork and light: people walk along it, take photos from it – this is a wonderful view point.

But besides these two dominants, Prechistenskaya Embankment reveals many other architectural sites from different times. This is a treasure trove of capital historical architecture. Here stands the mansion of the collector and philanthropist Ivan Tsvetkov built specifically for the collection of paintings and drawings and designed according to Viktor Vasnetsov’s sketches. Another unique building is Pertsov’s Tenement House in Russian Art Nouveau style. Nearby is a modern complex of buildings of the Barclay Plaza Business Center and the Course House Club Residential Complex.

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