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Busiest airport in Russia


Sheremetyevo is the busiest airport in Russia. It is located in the northwest of Moscow and can be reached by car, bus, or Aeroexpress train from Belorussky Railway Station (in this case, the travel time is 45–55 minutes). You can conveniently leave your personal vehicle in a parking lot. The first day will cost 500 rubles, with payment for subsequent days depending on the rate.

The airport has six passenger terminals: А, В, С, D, E, F. You can move between them on foot or by 24/7 buses. Time to move between terminals should be taken into consideration.

The airport offers many services and facilities. If you would like to rent a car, the rental operators' offices are located on the 1st floor of Terminal D. You can find souvenirs at Sheremetyevo Duty Free Heinemann. The store has departments located in each terminal, and there is a website with the current assortment and prices. The stores are designed for various audiences, with both luxury and mass-market clothing brands, perfumes, cosmetics, food, and alcohol. There are more than 10 VIP lounges in the airport.

Sheremetyevo has over 50 food service establishments: cafes, restaurants, bars, coffee shops, and grocery stores. There are free drinking fountains in both the public area and after security.

Travelers also have access to mother and baby room and showers. There are charging stations for your devices throughout the airport. If you would like to stay for the night, you can use the services of the airport’s capsule hotel. You can also book rooms at the hotel closest to the airport, Vozdushny Expressе, at an hourly rate. The hotel can be reached on foot from terminals E, D, and F by following the signs, and you can take shuttles from the other terminals.

There is an airport history museum at Sheremetyevo located on the fifth floor of Terminal F. The museum is currently closed due to COVID-19, but even from the outside you can see the original design of the museum room. The exhibition itself consists of items that tell the history of Sheremetyevo. A souvenir key from the airport, the first master plan, and other archival documents are on display here.

In 2018, as part of the "Great Names of Russia” project, the airport was named after Alexander Pushkin. A monument to the poet has been installed in the departure area of Terminal E. It includes a surprise for the most attentive travelers: on the cover of the book in the poet’s hands is a QR-code. If you scan it, you will be directed to an audiobook download. Since 2010, in the same Terminal E, there has been a Chapel of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker, who is the patron saint of travelers.


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