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A creative cluster with contemporary art galleries


One of Russia's first private centers for contemporary art, Vinzavod is an art cluster of nine galleries hosting temporary art shows. The cluster occupies the compound of a former distillery -- its industrial buildings are now street artworks. Vinzavod holds street art festivals and graffiti competitions. The painted wall separating the cluster from the railroad remained the central landmark of the complex for years. As well as art galleries, the former factory shops now serve as design studios, workshops and showrooms.

Vinzavod launched open studios a few years ago where you can observe art installations in the making or gallery preparations for art shows. There are a philosophers' club and an art critique lab on Vinzavod premises, which hold frequent public lectures and debates. Falanster bookstore, an affiliate of the bookstore on Tverskaya Street, is known for its great choice of books.

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