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Yakimanskaya Embankment

Scenic place for walking

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The embankment, 500 meters long, is located near the Vodootvodny Canal, between Krymskaya and Kadashevskaya Embankments. It got its name from Bolshaya Yakimanka Street, and that one was named after the Chapel of Joachim and Anna of the Cathedral of the Annunciation which was located here until 1969.

Now there are many bars and restaurants on the embankment (for example, the greenhouse restaurant The Sad and the conceptual restaurant The Waiters), as well as the former workshops of the Golutvinskaya Manufactory, which was one of the largest textile enterprises in the country for a long time.

In 2017, the embankment was reconstructed: a walking area 15 meters wide, viewing platforms with benches and flower vases appeared here. New lanterns were also installed, and the wires were hidden underground so that they do not spoil the picturesque view of the river and the city center.

An interesting fact: some scenes from the comedy series Eleon Hotel were filmed on Yakimanskaya Embankment – the facade with a signboard of the hotel’s name was filmed near the Alexander House Business Center.


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