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I Like Wine

A restaurant that celebrates love for wine

Ай лайк вайн.jpg

1500 — 2500

This welcoming wine-centric gastrobar was opened by restaurateur Vladimir Perelman. There are two I Like Wine restaurants in Moscow: in Pokrovka Street and in Timur Frunze Street (not far from Leo Tolstoy's mansion). Both are notable for their interior design, where old masonwork is balanced out by eclectic modern adornments.

The menu banks on dishes that go well with wine. And no, not just cheeses: the restaurant is happy to cater to avid meat-eaters, seafood fans, and vegetarians alike.

But the main staples of the menu are, of course, wines: over a hundred of them! The restaurants use the coravin device, which opens wine bottles without removing the cork. This means that almost any wine on the menu can be served by the glass. The sommeliers will be delighted to explain all the details and answer any of your questions.

The menu offers breakfast and lunch options. For an evening visit, it is best to book a table in advance.

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