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La Vie Aquatique

A bar with decor inspired by Wes Anderson's movies




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1000 — 2000

The champagne bar near Pushkinskaya Square opened this summer and quickly became popular, largely due to its unusual interiors inspired by the geometry and colors of Wes Anderson's movies. The creators were heavily inspired by The Life Aquatic, dedicated to Jacques-Yves Cousteau: the bar looks very similar to the movie's aesthetic. The interior features mosaic columns with mermaids and divers, seashell-shaped tiles, contrasting combinations of blue and coral, and neon nets under the ceiling. The waiters are wearing navy-style pajamas and red beanies, just like Bill Murray's character. 

The menu of alcoholic drinks consists predominantly of sparkling wines, but you can also order cocktails based on them. It's quite hard to find your way around the cocktails without the bartender as all the names are references to Wes Anderson's movies, and the ingredients are full of surprises. A small selection of dishes continues the marine theme and features oysters, scallops, octopus with potatoes, salmon tartare, shrimps in cream sauce, pasta, and vongole risotto. 

Photo: La Vie Aquatique

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