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Powerhouse Moscow

A club, a bar, a restaurant: all inside a 19th-century manor


The Powerhouse Moscow restaurant and bar is packed with cultural activities and always brims over with energy. This 19th century manor in the Taganka neighborhood is a restaurant, a concert stage, a recording studio, and even a ping-pong court (which you will find on the summer terrace in the restaurant's enclosed courtyard), all at once!

The Powerhouse is divided into themed recreation areas. The guests are almost always free to choose whether to stay for dinner or spend the evening at a concert. The project team is interested in many different facets of music and culture: neoclassical music, jazz, house, electronic parties, rock concerts, DJ scratching competitions... The list goes on.

The cuisine is just as varied. Chef Ilya Romanov tries his best to experiment and challenge the common conventions. For instance, as you browse the menu, you may find things like pumpkin cream soup with coconut milk, homemade borscht with veal tails, or spinach tagliatelle with salmon. The venue has two bars, which share similar values: an excellent selection of classical cocktails, enthusiasm for experimenting, and special love for whiskey.

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