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A bar and a library plus a party ground




09:00 — 00:00


700 — 1500

Rovesnik (literally: peer) occupies an old three-story mansion on Maly Gnezdnikovsky Lane. The first floor has a bar and a stage for live perfomances, the second level houses tables, and the third is home to a library.

The Rovesnik team is not focused on a specific target audience. Throughout the day, the place serves breakfast; on weekends, it hosts parties; and mid-week, the bar can become a venue for a book club or a stand-up gig. Rovesnik aims to bring together like-minded people, and the majority of the crowd are Gen Z, or zoomers.

That said, Rovesnik serves not just drinks—the small menu is broken down by sections—Breakfast, Starters, Appetizers, Mains, and Desserts—each offering several options, including veggie or cottage cheese pancakes, soup, hummus, and sandwiches. The Bakery section features croissants and homemade bread. The bar menu, however, is almost double the size of the food list and mostly contains signature cocktails. Besides, the place offers a variety of wine and beer. Soft drinks include espresso served with an orange fresh, cocoa drinks, homemade lemonade, and a coffee set: espresso, pour-over coffee, and cappuccino.

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