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Russian Wine Bar

A Russian wine cellar opposite White Square

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12:00 — 00:00


1500 — 2000

This restaurant and bar is located on Butyrsky Val Street. Panoramic windows offer a nice view of the White Square Office Center. The interior is decorated with flowering plants, and the main space is divided into several areas: a bar with a counter, a library, and the main hall.

As the name suggests, Russian Wine Bar specializes in Russian wines, all of which have been selected by a famous sommelier Artur Sarkisyan. Despite the abundance of items on the menu, it's easy to find your way around it: the bar staff will be happy to tell you about the history of each drink and recommend a dish to complement its flavor. There is a number of unconventional wine varieties, representing almost every region of the Russian south, like Crimean Aligoté or Krasnodar Sauvignon.

The menu is built around the slow food concept, i.e. using local and seasonal products. The dishes may be changing, but the restaurant always offers an original take on classic recipes. Here you can try things like cabbage rolls with sockeye salmon or Kamchatka crab cutlets. 

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