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Sentyabr (September)

A wine bar behind Chernyshevsky's back


Chistie Prudy


700 — 1500

This bar does not have a sign, and you will find it hard to stumble into it by accident. But if you know where to look, Sentyabr will be easy to spot: it's right behind the monument to Chernyshevsky, on the ground floor of a twentieth-century building.

Inside, you will be greeted by muted lights, vintage furniture, and compact seating arrangements. This place is almost always crowded; the panoramic windows are thrown wide open during the summer.

The bar does not have a separate wine menu, but the selection gets updated frequently. If you find it hard to make a choice, examine the three large refrigerator display cases or ask the bartender. The wines are served by the glass, for notably affordable prices.

The bar does not have its own kitchen either, and instead buys food from its food-loving partners: the Dva Pashteta i Vot Eto (Two Pâtés Etc.) gastronomical workshop, the MICHE bakery, the Ko&Co cheese-makers, and others. The appetizers are mostly meat delicatessen, as well as several varieties of pâté, traditional farmers' cheeses with interesting flavors, and truffle popcorn with finely grated Parmesan cheese and chips.

Both the hosts and their guests will be delighted to welcome your four-legged friend.

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