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Slyezy Berezy (Birch Tears)

Craft bar with birch bark and logs




Mon,  Tue,  Wed,  Thu,  Sun 15:00 — 00:00

Fri,  Sat 15:00 — 02:00


700 — 1500

A place that combines all the visual and gastronomic features needed to be called a “Russian craft bar.” The owners of Ptitsy-Sinitsy (Great Tit Birds), Pestikov-Tychinok (Pistil-Stamen) and Dom, v kotorom (The Building Where) came up with the place. Inside the premises, birch trees “grow” and brush up against the ceiling accompanied by dried giant hogweed, there are reproductions of Russian landscape artists on the walls, the chandeliers are wrapped in openwork shawls, and old cast-iron tubs have been turned into comfortable sofas.

The bar area is styled as the facade of a burnt-out hut: on the charred shelves are dozens of bottles and cans of local craft beer. The menu includes borscht, sprat with baked potatoes, pancakes with salmon and red caviar, navy-style macaroni, and stewed cheeks. The restaurant quickly became a popular place for dates and photo shoots, so it is advisable to reserve tables in advance.

Photo: Slyezy Berezy

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