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The first-ever office bar open to everyone


Ilya Tsentsiper, an iconic urbanist and media expert, opened a bar in his company’s office. Starting from midday, the tables within the space on Krivokolenny Lane can be occupied by anyone, but the bar can only accommodate a maximum of 30 guests. The idea of combining an office with a bar is not new, but this establishment is the first of its kind operating for the general public in Moscow. There is no need for visitors to have any connection with the company or the architectural field to be able to make themselves at home by the window with their notebook and a glass of wine.

The wine menu for Tsentsiper was developed by sommelier Elena Maksimova, and the main menu by Nikita Maltsev. The latter menu is as understated as the bar itself and includes snacks: one can order roast beef, beef tartare, hummus, goat cheese or a whole cheese plate, olives, and artichokes. A separate line in the menu lists the works of artists. The items on the walls and shelves are available for purchase: there are photo series, silk screen decorations, and ceramics.

Photo: Tsentsiper

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