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Cocktails with a Russian twist


Many restaurants focus on modern interpretations of traditional Russian cuisine, but cocktails can also be “Russian”. Perhaps the first to venture into this niche was the bar Zhuravli. The unusual name is a reference to the idiom “have breakfast before the cranes”: it was the name of a sealed crystal decanter of cognac, decorated with golden cranes.

Behind Zhuravli are Peter Baryshnikov, head bartender at Rick’s, and Artem Chislov, Bacardi ambassador. The focus is on seasonal cocktails, so the list of six drinks is updated every month. They are prepared using fresh vegetables, fruits and berries, and herbs and spices that grow in Russia. The alcohol selected for the cocktails is also “patriotic”: liqueurs and Saransk distillates, moonshine, and Bryansk vermouth. In addition to the original cocktails, there are the classics, such as martini, bloody Mary, and others. You can also try tinctures and wines from Russian winemakers.

The food here also has an ethnic bias: pancakes with red roe, Siberian pelmeni, and a variety of snacks. The interior is minimalistic, but with lots of interesting details, including massive crystal chandeliers and live plants.

Photo: Zhuravli

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