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Abu Gosh

Middle Eastern street food in the hidden nooks of Arbat

Абу Гош.jpg

This conceptual street food venue with authentic food and respectful attention towards Middle Eastern culture is tucked away in the Sivtsev Vrazhek Lane. The long-abandoned garden pavilion of the manor that once belonged to the Lopatin family has been meticulously restored by the restaurant team. Legend has it that the great Russian poet Yesenin would recite his first poems here when he was young.

The Abu Gosh interior space is filled with symbolic details: pink inscriptions in Hebrew and Arabic, handmade utensils, and a drinking fountain. The restaurant is full of light and color, setting it apart among other Moscow eateries. The modest 22 square meters of space are enough to accommodate a kitchen and several window-side tables with soft cushions. In the summer, extra tables and chairs are moved to the open veranda in the courtyard.

The menu includes about a dozen different kinds of hummus and other Middle Eastern hits: falafel, tabouleh, baba ghanoush, shakshuka, and more.

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On weekends