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A Vietnamese café chain



The first Bổ café opened in Danilovsky Market in 2015, quickly outstripping other food corners by the number of orders: the hungry customers would form long lines.

Today, you will find Bổ cafes at a number of Moscow's main markets and food courts: Depot, Streat, Balchug, Europolis, Gorky Park, and others.

The chain's team of Vietnamese chefs prepares national street food out of fresh ingredients right in front of their guests. The most popular dish is the traditional phở bò soup. The beef broth for phở bò, with cinnamon, anise, and Vietnamese cardamom, is prepared well in advance (at least 10 hours before cooking the soup!). Phở bò is served with sliced beef and fresh rice noodles, as well as onions, greens, lime, and chili.

The menu also boasts other Vitenamese street food classics: rice noodles (bun), grilled pork patties with fish sauce, bánh mì (a French baguette staffed with grilled meat), and nem rolls in rice wrappers.

Depending on the season, the café might offer fresh fruit from Vietnam: papaya, dragon fruit, longan, passion fruit, jackfruit, and mangosteen.

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