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Burger Heroes

Burger bar chain, a.k.a. Home of the Black Mamba


09:00 — 23:45



Original burgers for affordable prices. Starting out with just one eatery, Burger Heroes grew into a popular chain with more than 10 burger bars all over Moscow.

The star of the menu is the Black Mamba: a burger with bacon smoked over pear shavings, and cherries soaked in Provencal herbs. This is the very burger that inspired many other restaurants throughout Moscow to start using black buns. No less popular are other burgers: Baron Dupont, with Dorblu cheese and red onions; Nobel, with pickled dill and cranberry sauce; and Bad Bro, with a spicy pepper mix and red Yalta onions.

Guests can specify how well-roasted they want their meat when making an order (the default roast is medium). There is also an option to add a cutlet or additional toppings, such as sun-dried tomatoes or cherry sauce, to any burger. The drinks menu includes craft beer and various sodas.

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