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Casa Leone

Gelateria with 70 kinds of ice cream in Kitay-Gorod


The gastronomic part of Italy on the first floor of a building on Lubyansky Passage is not that which is responsible for pizza and pasta (although they are also prepared here), but for homemade gelato ice cream. There are two spacious beige halls, a view of Ilyinskiy Square, showcases with fresh desserts and ice cream, and nothing more. The cafe team believes that everyone can get a taste of childhood here, and it doesn’t matter where that took place: in the courtyards of Naples or the parks of Moscow. Casa Leone is one of the capital’s first gelaterias. Over seventy varieties of gelato and sorbets are made here according to the family recipes of master Sergio Dondoli, one of the best ice cream makers on the planet and winner of the Ice Cream World Cup. This dessert offers a wide variety of flavors. There are classic flavors, with milk or bitter chocolate, halva, vanilla, or cherry. And there are special ones, specially adapted for the capital. For example, with porcini mushrooms, pumpkin, gorgonzola and walnuts, or white wine and raisins. Children’s favorite is milk and cream gelato. It’s the perfect base to which you can add anything you want: nuts, cheese, chocolate, or spices. Adults prefer the sorbets made with seasonal fruits, herbs, and vegetables.

If it seems too cool for ice cream, you can order a classic pizza on thin dough, pasta and risotto, or hot soup. And an ice dessert after you’ve warmed up.

Photo: Casa Leone

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