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A confectionery with eclectic interiors


Conversation is a café located in a 19th-century building that housed a confectionery before the Revolution. The authors of Conversation are known for their desserts — they own the I Love Cake confectionery. The walls of the old building have been preserved almost unaltered, but feature colorful graffiti all over. All tables and chairs are arranged in a nearly perfect geometric order. 

The menu mainly consists of ice cream; flavors include several American classics (roast apple with cinnamon, carrot and ginger sauce, maple syrup and blueberry), flavors inspired by European desserts, and experimental varieties. The café also serves popsicles: frozen cheesecakes, yogurts, and fruit juices with different toppings. There are hardly any hot dishes and the main menu fits on one page, but each item has an original recipe and is made with unusual ingredients, for example, crab salad with avocado and roasted peppers or shrimp bruschetta. Omelets with different toppings are served for breakfast.

Photo: Conversation

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