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A cafe with Tel Aviv street food


Having created a Tel Aviv street food cafe in Moscow, the owners sought to go beyond the world-famous vorschmack and shakshouka. The place got its name after a busy street in Tel Aviv that is home to popular street cafes.

The menu at Dizengof/99 is by eight varieties of hummus, including with mushrooms, eggplants, stewed beef, and baked tomatoes. Another popular offering is falafel, which comes with several dip sauces to be paired with pita breads and pickles. All of the meat-containing mains feature plenty of condiments and seasonings. Some of these are chicken schnitzel with a side of mashed potatoes, arais (spicy ground beef), and lamb lula. The breakfast menu is available all day long, while combo lunch is served between 12 p.m. and 4 p.m. As for beverages, Dizengof/99 offers classic coffee options, Israeli wine, and signature cocktails.

Dizengof/99's two locations are Pokrovka Street and the Red Arrow creative cluster at Krasnoselskaya metro station. The latter has a display offering fresh items from the Futura bakery, the cafe's partner.

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