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A chain of vegetarian cafés and healthy food stores


09:00 — 23:00

The first Jagannath vegetarian café opened in Moscow back in 2000. Now the city has six establishments under this brand. Jagannath is a deity from Hindu philosophy, which gave its name a temple in a city in India, as well as the city itself: Jagannath Puri.

The Jagannath cafes serve international cuisine, honoring the traditions of India, Europe, Thailand, Mexico, China, and Russia. The chefs know the difference between vegetarian and vegan dishes; and the menu includes over 150 options, with monthly new additions. The chain has a fine selection of desserts like cakes, pastries, and Asian and Middle Eastern sweetmeats, including low-calorie and sugar- and gluten-free options.

Special lunch sets are available at lunchtime at all cafes. One hour before closing, Jagannath offers a 30% discount on hot meals, salads, and culinary options. To get discounts at any time of day, visitors can buy a Vegetarian card at check-out.

Underneath each café, there is a store with a sizeable assortment of products for vegans and vegetarians. The owners are very diligent about avoiding any and all artificial additives.

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