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Israeli cuisine with a twist


The atmospheric place in Krivokolenny Lane has become popular due to two distinctive features: unusual interiors and eclectic cuisine. The creators of the restaurant conceived it in the spirit of the new wave of Tel Aviv cafes that are gaining popularity in Western Europe: these are spaces with an emphatically non-trivial design, where people can not only have lunch or dinner, but also spend quality time. Thus, minimalism prevails in the decor of Flaner, vintage furniture coexists with abstract paintings by contemporary Israeli artists, and music is played on vinyl exclusively. 

The restaurant’s menu is very much unlike classic Israeli restaurants: national dishes coexist with Greek-style appetizers and Middle Eastern specialties, and the creators themselves call it “Tel Aviv cuisine”.

Dishes are prepared in the author’s interpretation of an Israeli chef: for example, tartare is made from beef with sheep milk cheese and garlic, and ceviche is made with green chili peppers and pistachios. Hot dishes are served as seafood (wild trout or octopus), as well as meat dishes (lamb kufta, steak with vegetables), as well as a wide range of vegetarian options. A separate section of the menu is devoted to appetizers in the style of Greek meze, which are usually shared in the company. The alcohol menu includes a variety of white and rosé wines, a selection of spirits, as well as twelve cocktails with such unusual ingredients as cherry yogurt or peanut butter.

Photo: press materials

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