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Fireweed Train Compartment

A rail travel feel in a cozy teahouse

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10:00 — 22:00


300 — 800

A Sadovnicheskaya Street teahouse was conceived as a museum cafe that offers both dining options and an immersive early 20th-century experience. The concept was materialized with flying colors: the interior space is styled to match a passenger railcar, with rare photographs of the era decorating the walls. You can also come across archival records, such as a 1912 map of the Russian railroad network or a collection of obligations.

The menu represents traditional Russian cuisine, while the emphasis is placed on beverages. The cafe is famed for over 20 varieties of fireweed herbal tea as well as herbal and flower infusion blends. You can also try other traditional Russian drinks, like mead, sbiten coffee, and natural apple honey cider. To boost the experience, pair your beverage with pressed fruit paste in a vintage package or any of the honey varieties. On weekends, the cafe hosts sampling events, often set to live music.

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