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A bistro in a Kitay-Gorod manor


Chistie Prudy


12:00 — 00:00


700 — 1500

You will find this urban café hidden away in Krivokolenny Lane. In the 19th century, this building was used as a clinic by a Polish doctor, Christian Lado; hence the modern bistro's name. Lado has two dining halls: the main one can accommodate 70 guests, while the smaller one (with a capacity of just 15 people) is great for events in an intimate setting.

Minimalism, simple vintage furniture, an abundance of tiles in the decor, numerous plants, and an open kitchen: all of this makes the bistro welcoming and cozy. The interiors are filled with light and rather laconic, giving visitors a reprieve from the overwhelming city bustle.

The menu offers a rather short least of dishes: starters, soups, salads, and meat, with a few vegetarian options as well. The wine selection features more than 30 varieties. You can also try ten designer cocktails (they do not have names, just numbers from one to ten); each cocktail costs 600 rubles.

There are several show rooms by local Russian brands on the bistro premises, and the establishment regularly hosts "market" brunches, where diners can buy tableware, jewelry, flowers, and many other items.

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