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A cafe featuring sandwiches and a bright blue design


700 — 1500

Mátes was conceived as a venue for face-to-face communication, hence the lack of WiFi and the ban on using laptops on weekends and on weekdays post 3 p.m.

The menu consists of dishes that can be cooked in a small kitchen: sandwiches, poke varieties, and baked items. Breakfast is served till 6 p.m. and features omelet, Eggs Benedict with a croissant or brioche, and a bowl of milk-based porridge. The cafe's staple is a pastrami sandwich. Notably, the place only serves soft drinks, such as espresso and filtered coffee, hot and iced teas, smoothies, and sodas.

There are two locations in Moscow: on Malaya Bronnaya and at the Octagon pavilion near the Krasnaya Presnya park. Both have a tiny space in trademark color blue.

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