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Cafe with a minimalist interior and all day breakfasts


Chistie Prudy


09:00 — 21:00

"Polden" is located on Chistoprudny Boulevard and occupies a small but cozy space with large windows, which the café shares with the Veter store. The aesthetics of the two projects are similar: the store sells pastel-colored scented candles and monochrome rugs, while the minimalist interior of the café is done according to Scandinavian models — gray-beige colors of the walls and tableware. Despite the small space, you can sit in three places at once: right behind the bar, in the lively hall or in the quiet far side of the hall. 

The café serves more than ten kinds of breakfast all day long — from classic avocado toast and salmon dumplings to Turkish-style eggs with cottage cheese, mascarpone cheesecakes and bradhalla with mortadella and strachatella. The drinks include tea and cocoa, including author's variants (turmeric latte and spicy cocoa), as well as hot and cold coffee made of beans from St. Petersburg roasters Verle. 

Photo: Polden

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