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Skvorets (Starling)

Breakfast all day long and as much coffee as you can drink




700 — 1500

Skvorets is a small café close to Patriarshiye Ponds. You can order takeout and snack on the go, or settle in the cozy dining space. The menu caters to all needs and includes soups, salads, and various desserts. Notably, breakfast options like Dutch pancakes in a hot frying pan, potato pancakes with salmon rillettes, eggs Benedict, and porridge are served throughout the day. Combo lunch options are available as well.

Coffee fans will love the all-you-can-drink option for brewed coffee. The café offers both classical flavors and unique inventions like the Spicy Orange Raf coffee. Optionally, guests can order coffee with non-dairy milk.

The wine menu is short and on-point, with both still and sparkling options and various cocktails based on fresh juices and sparkling alcohol, like Mimosa ZOZH or Honey Grapefruit.

The indigo and peach color scheme makes you think that you are in a Wes Anderson movie; live plants further add to the café's vibe.

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