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A bar with home-style dishes in a block of flats


Twenty-five meters of hospitality and a homey atmosphere and menu await. Vinaga is a small wine-and-cocktail bar and cafe which operates in a former block of flats on Bolshaya Gruzinskaya Street. The only thing that might remind guests that this used to be an entryway is the long shape of the place. Apart from that, it mostly resembles a tiny, cozy apartment with old furniture (all the furnishings were acquired at closeout sales), soft light, swaying lamp shades, and natural flowers in vases. The center of Vinaga is its single long wooden table for 12 people: you can come in a group or come alone in the evening and keep a stranger company.

Meals here are plain and can easily be shared by several persons: classical Greek salad, bruschetta with stracciatella and jamon, pate, and cheese. All the food products are purchased by the founders of Vinaga from local farmers’ markets. From time to time, they cook something special: they bake chicken with herbs, cook fish, boil pasta with cream source, or make pelmeni and vareniki before opening. The drinks include organic and natural wines from small farms at affordable prices. There are six original cocktails. The signature cocktail is the “Vinaga Sparkling,” based on vermouths mixed with berry liqueur and rose wine. If the guest wishes, the barman can also make ever-popular classic cocktails.

Photo: Vinaga

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