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Zotman Pizza

Crispy Roman pizza in Solyanka Street




11:00 — 21:00


700 — 1500

This eatery was conceptualized by chef Dmitry Zotov, who has a wealth of professional experience with the main dish on the menu: pizza. His eponymous previous project was dedicated to Brooklyn pizza; and today, Zotman Pizza serves Roman pizza on airy, crispy dough. For visitors committed to healthy living, the chef has designed a special gluten-free dough formula.

The underlying idea is that any guest should be free to choose any amount of any pizza topping; and there are over 30 of those: Gorgonzola, mortadella, turkey ham, alpine sausages, chorizo, mozzarella, mushrooms, and so much more (the pizza price always remains the same). We especially recommend order a sauce for the crust: chipotle, Parmesan, or the trademark Zotman sauce with anchovies.

You can also buy a frozen pizza or wait until it's cooked and take it with you to go. The chef has put extra care into developing the dough recipe, to ensure that it has an ideal crunch no matter where it is cooked (even in an oven at home!).

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