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Simach at Nedalny

Bustling parties on Tverskoy Boulevard


Simach at Nedalny succeeds the once-popular bar Denis Simachev that has enjoyed a 12-year run of success on Stoleshnikov Lane. The newly inaugurated place opens at the site of the former Nedalny Vostok restaurant, which is a Russian play on words, meaning literally Not Too Far East. Hence the name of the new arrival: Simach at Nedalny. Behind the creation is a star-studded team of restaurateurs Arkady Novikov and Anton Pinsky, fashion designer Denis Simachev, and brand chef Glen Ballis who left his native Australia for Russia more than a decade ago to take on a role at Nedalny Vostok.

The predominant cuisine at Simach is of Pan-Asian origin: sushi, sashimi, Tartars, minimalist fish and rice bowls, Japanese dumplings, etc. Alongside these are Russian national stuffed buns, cabbage rolls, and Italian pasta. The bar menu includes classic spirits and restaurant staples: signature cocktails, whiskey, gin, and wines. Also available are several varieties of bottled Japanese sake. On weekends, the place hosts all-night parties.

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