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ABC Coffee Roasters

A coffee chain with onsite roasting

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The first ABC Coffee Roasters shop opened on Pokrovka Street in 2018, followed by a further five franchise locations in Moscow over the next years. Every day, ABC Coffee Roasters roasts a small batch of beans for its shops: the shorter the time between the roast and the preparation of the beverage, the richer its flavor profile. Both classic and alternative options are brewed, including Americano, cappuccino, espresso, and filtered coffee whose preparation involves a funnel, an AeroPress, and Gina and Trinity smart makers that use an app to choose the desired type of grind, amount of water, and temperature settings. ABC Coffee Roasters sources its beans directly from farmers in Ethiopia, Brazil, Colombia, and other exporter countries.

The tea menu is regularly updated. You can always order a classic bergamot blend or a more exotic option with Indian curry, pumpkin, and passion fruit. The menu mostly includes takeaway foods: sandwiches, croissants, cookies, and pastry. You can also enjoy a full-blown breakfast, opting for cottage cheese pancakes, oatmeal, omelet, or green pancakes.

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