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Two minimalist coffee shops with a jumbo-sized drink menu

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Bloom-n-Brews offers speciality coffee brewed from the beans supplied by farmers from Brazil, Ethopia, Kenya, and other large exporter countries. The team supervises the full bean processing cycle to make sure the flavor and terroir profile are fully expressed. The coffee shop runs a custom roasting facility.

The menu centers around beverages. You can choose from espresso, cappuccino, latte, filtered coffee, signature Raf coffee, cocoa drinks, and several tea blends. There are also two sections featuring hot and iced drinks, such as a warm blueberry, lavender, and orange punch or an iced caramel latte.

Bloom-n-Brew serves easy-to-cook dishes perfect for a light breakfast or lunch: bagels with assorted fillings, porridge, pancakes, soup options, and baked items.

The place's signature style is an understated interior with light-colored walls, black tables, and a fresh bakery display. The coffee shop is frequented by those having a brunch while working outside the office or holding an informal meeting.

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