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Tea Workshop

A two-story tea club with a home-like feel

Чайных дел мастерская.jpeg

Tea Workshops occupies a 1918 building. Behind the rather unremarkable facade lurk wooden, almost chalet-like interiors.

The tea club on Armyansky Lane does not look like a traditional teahouse, either: Gongfu tea table sets instead of regular tables, heaps of cushions and covers instead of chairs. Besides, guests are asked to remove their footwear. You can pick a table on either floor. The second floor features hammocks and offers a view of the nearby workshop. Depending on the variety, tea is made using one of the two methods: either in a samovar or in a teapot, as per Chinese traditions. You can choose from white, yellow, green, red, and flavored teas. The club also has masters conducting tea ceremonies: Check out the schedule on the club's social media pages.

On weekends, the club hosts events. On Saturdays, it welcomes Go players, while on Sundays, it screens arthouse movies.

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