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From Berlin

A European-style coffee shop in Patriarch Ponds




09:00 — 22:00


500 — 1000

This coffee shop opened in Patriarch Ponds this August. From Berlin is a collaboration between several enthusiasts and the Respublica bookstore chain. Several years ago, Respublica, which also sells lots of gifts, redefined the Russian bookstore concept, following the European example. That's what From Berlin is all about. The interior is designed in modern minimalist style with gray walls, metal textures, clean shapes, plants, and round tables — just like the best cafés of Berlin's Mitte borough. 

Coffee beans also come from Berlin: they are sourced from famous coffee roasters, The Barn. The menu includes Americano, pour-over, and V60. As for milk-based coffee drinks, you can choose between Vanilla Cappuccino, Matcha Latte, and cocoa. Original recipes include Mitte Latte with marzipan and citrus flavor, Espresso Tonic with blackberry, Matcha Tonic with mint, and a range of tea types — herbal, black, and green. As for snacks, you can opt for a croissant, a dessert, or something more substantial like toasts with gruyère and whipped salted butter, camembert and gooseberry jam, or hummus and artichokes.

Photo: From Berlin

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