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Aeroplan coffeehouse

Minimalist place on Pyatnitskaya


The Aeroplan coffeehouse was opened by the creators of the Yumbaker confectionery. The new location is Vladimir Smirnov’s tenement house on Pyatnitskaya. The building was built in 1910 in neo-Gothic style. The interior, to match the kitchen, turned out to be minimalistic: nothing superfluous, only pastel shades of the walls, wooden tables and panels, a little gold (mainly due to the soft honey light from the lamps), and the main decoration is the panoramic windows.

The menu in the Airplane matches the interior: a couple of coffee classics based on espresso plus coffee prepared in alternative ways: Aeropress, Chemex, or funnel. You can choose any grain to your taste, buy your favorite one for home, and order a dessert for a cup of coffee: cookies, a piece of cake or a pie with seasonal fruits. For those who prefer something more substantial, soups are prepared here (for example, spicy carrot, with ginger and coconut milk), sandwiches are made, and fried eggs, dumplings, porridge are cooked. Breakfasts are available all day long.

Photo: Aeroplan

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