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Chernyi Cooperative

A specialty coffee shop, where you can also order wine


Chernyi Cooperative brews specialty coffee only. About 10 million tons of coffee beans are produced around the world every year, and only about 3% of them can be classified as specialty coffee, or coffee of the topmost quality. The Chernyi Cooperative team maintains direct contact and forms long-term sustainable relationships with farmers from Ethiopia, Colombia, and Guatemala. Believing that the consumption of coffee should, first and foremost, celebrate the farmer who grew it, the Cooperative pays more than the market value for each kilogram of beans and seeks to make farm wages fairer and the coffee production chain more transparent. It was also one of the first establishments in Moscow to roast coffee beans on its own.

The coffee shop brews coffee from beans that were roasted in-house, without adding any syrups. The coffee menu includes espresso, cappuccino, flat white and a choice of coffees brewed through alternative methods (a funnel or an AeroPress coffee maker). There is tea as well, and a limited (but regularly updating) selection of wines from small European wineries. When it comes to food, the menu is not too long: sandwiches, cupcakes, and a spread set, served throughout the day, plus porridge and granola in the mornings. At check-out, you can buy a pack of coffee beans or subscribe to a monthly supply for a fixed price.

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