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Street food and coffee in a Berlinesque setting




09:00 — 23:00



A small café with minimal décor at Petrovka, Zarya was launched a few years ago by a group of people sharing a fondness for Berlin street food. A magnet for visitors of all ages, Zarya has an unmistakable Berlin feel to it. You can come here for a quick breakfast or stay all day getting your work done. But the chief affinity with Berlin is to be found on the menu. The café is proud of its warm pita kebab with a variety of toppings, including pieces of chicken roasted to a golden brown, halloumi and feta cheese, crunchy purple cabbage, and slices of cucumber. The same kebab is available in a vegetarian edition (with more cheese and falafel balls), in a wrap form, or on a plate. Kebab is not the only specialty on offer, but there is always a touch of originality to Zarya's regular offerings such as spicy vegetable soups, yam chips, French fries with kimchee cabbage, and toasts with avocado, chicken, and salmon. Zarya also specializes in coffee, offering a large selection of coffees ranging from the classics to novelties such as Australian long black or bulletproof. They roast their own coffee beans. 

Zarya has recently opened another café in Moscow. The new Zarya, based in the Bread Factory art cluster, is a roomier place with outdoor seating: a few tables out on the porch. Cyclists are welcome and entitled to a permanent discount at Zarya. They can also ask the barista for the key to leave their bike in the locked bicycle storage out front. 

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