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800 ℃ Contemporary Steak

A meat-themed restaurant near Patriarshiye Ponds

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09:00 — 00:00


1500 — 2500

The restaurant occupies two floors in a small mansion with panoramic windows overlooking Patriarshiye Ponds. The ground floor is open all day long; it's a great place to have lunch, hold a business meeting, or grab a coffee. The upper floor opens during the evening.

The restaurant's name references the special equipment for preparing dishes from the meat menu: the ovens that are always 800 degrees hot, guaranteeing meat juiciness. The restaurant purchases marble beef in Russia, Argentina, and Japan; a dry aging chamber is installed in the dining hall. 800 ℃ Contemporary Steak serves all popular steak types: rib-eye, T-bone, strip-loin, bavette, and others.

The menu's second pillar is a selection of 11 burger types. The buns for the burgers are baked right here at the restaurant and branded with its logo. As a side dish, you can order 10 types of trademark airy mashed potatoes with different garnishes: fresh truffle, jalapeños, crab, Parmesan, Gorgonzola and more. There are several fish dishes and vegetarian options too.

The interior design is dominated by dark colors; the main materials are marble and brass. A formidable wine cabinet with an impressive collection stands at the stairs, reaching the ceiling.

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