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Unique cuisine on the Patriarchs


AVA’s menu emphasizes its “comfortable unique cuisine,” according to Artyom Pinsky, Artyom Losev, and Vitaly Istomin, the founders of the restaurant. The name of the establishment is an abbreviation formed from their names. It is also a reference to the word “Avatar,” as the main behind the place was that “a restaurant is a reflection of its creators.” The light and elegant interior of both the restaurant and the kitchen, can be described as retrofuturistic: streamlined shapes, marble, lots of white, and furniture from the 60s and 70s.

The hearty and original food is worth a visit: pasta with four types of caviar, beef with parmesan and port wine caramel sauce, salad with pickled salmon and quinoa tabbouleh. AVA also has a seafood menu, and you should taste the scallops with tomato yuzu. For dessert, you can have not only simple nuts with heated condensed milk or eclairs, but also more exotic options, such as champagne jelly, candies with porcini mushrooms, or millefeuille with rum ice cream. The list of cocktails consists of twenty classic and custom items.

Photo: AVA

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