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Balance by gudkate

Light meals, brunch, and wine in Khamovniki District


Park Kultury


10:00 — 23:00


1500 — 2500

A project of novice restaurateur Katya Zarechnaya (GudKate), a graduate of Novikov Business School. The concept is based on healthy cuisine, and the menu is based on the principles of Ayurveda and consists of three sections that symbolize different doshas: “Kapha” — Earth and Water (cereals and herbs); “Vata” — Ether and Air (main dishes and desserts); and “Pitta” — Water and Fire (vegetables and cheeses).

The chef uses organic ingredients and there are vegetarian and vegan desserts. You should try the celery root tartare baked with jerked tomato butter, or the black cod fillet with zucchini and spinach puree. There are various wines and unusual cocktails, such as the peperol — a variation of the classic aperol whose taste is dominated by pepper.

The other particularity of the establishment is its all-day breakfast and brunch. The creamy rice porridge with bourbon vanilla and condensed milk and the freshly baked French brioche with salmon, eggs benedict and almond petals deserve your attention.

But the interior of the restaurant is probably more important than the food. Light colors, a lot of air, textured walls, wood, wicker compositions, and cozy textiles — the atmosphere is not at all typical for Moscow restaurants. That is why this place is especially attractive.

Фото: Balance by gudkate

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