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Boston Seafood & Bar

Shrimp, crabs, and other seafood


This popular seafood restaurant has very affordable prices. Fish and seafood are used in salads, cold and hold dishes, bruschettas and different wok types; they get grilled and cooled, smoked and salted...

The menu centers around shrimp, with several species represented: Magadan shrimp, Bering shrimp, botan-ebi shrimp, and more. Depending on guest preferences, shrimps can be grilled over fire, smoked, or put on ice. The latter option is the most in-demand. You will also find Kamchatka crab here, put in hot chowder and cold gazpacho, baked, roasted, and served as phalanges only.

As a slight deviation from the seafood theme, the menu also includes a handful of meat and poultry dishes. The restaurant has its own craft beer line and a modest selection of wines, served by the glass.

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