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Chef’s Table by White Rabbit

Intimate dinners for 18 people


Chef's Table by White Rabbit is a sort of "chamber concert hall" at the White Rabbit restaurant, meant for gastronomic performances. Every evening, the chefs present unique tasting menus: not just food, but a whole culinary story. 18 guests sit at a bracket-shaped table, with the chef and their team in the center, cooking live and explaining the general concept behind the culinary set and demonstrating every dish and its ingredients.

The atmosphere is very informal: the guests are allowed to ask the chef questions and chat with their neighbors at the table. The sets are often dedicated to the traditions of different Russian regions, or to local products.

The venue's long-standing residents are chefs from from the White Rabbit Family restaurant group: brand chef Vladimir Mukhin, Vladislav Alexeyev (Chef's Table), Anatoly Kazakov (Selfie), Likarion Solntsev (Krasota), Alexey Kogai (Sakhalin), and Mikhail Rumyantsev (Tehnikum).

Chef's Table also has a special Fast Track project: Vladimir Mukhin invites talented chefs, famous pros and beginners alike, from different cities across Russia. This way, the dinner guests can unlock new locations on Russia's culinary map.

The project's website allows visitors to browse the schedule and book a place at the dinner table.

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