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Restaurant of Pan-Asian cuisine on Malaya Nikitskaya street


Chef Alexey Pinsky opened this restaurant in an unusual place — inside the House of Radio Broadcasting and Sound Recording, an administrative building that dates back to the Stalin era. The establishment itself is also exotic: it combines traditions of Asian cuisine with modern food trends and cooking experiments. The founder's idea was to place guests into a new and unfamiliar environment: the word “farang” has been used since ancient times to denote foreigners in the East. 

The interior of the restaurant was designed by Wowhaus, a well-known architectural bureau, which managed to restore elements of the original decor and weave them into the new oriental design. The references to the East are extremely eclectic: the walls are decorated with tiles from Tatarstan, there are two Indian tandoors for bread and meat in the kitchen, and a giant carpet from Dagestan hangs opposite the entrance. The restaurant is located in a two-storey building, so over a hundred guests can be served at once. It also has a dance floor where dance parties are organized every evening from Thursday to Saturday.

The menu has ten sections. Each is devoted either to a particular dish or to its cooking method. The main part of the menu is dedicated to seafood, represented by hot dishes and additions like tartare, rolls, and sushi. Special attention should be paid to Section 3, which consists of extraordinary snacks, such as the burger with foie gras or the scallops in puff pastry. The wine list consists of classic red wines and champagne by the bottle.

Photo: Farang

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