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An extraordinary pizzeria and vinyl record store


Tsvetnoy Bulvar


1000 — 2000

The name Found combines several different projects: a pizzeria from the creators of the Italian restaurant Tinta, a vinyl record store from the team of the Enthusiast motocafe, and a lounge area with players and speakers. The space is located on the fifth floor of Tsvetnoy: from there you can also access the covered veranda, which is an epicenter of entertainment in the summer. The three different zones are united by a single interior style: the establishment is decorated with an unusual material — travertine, which tends to age gracefully and beautifully. 

The restaurant serves modern Italian cuisine: pizza, pasta, risotto, lasagna, and cannelloni. It is worth tasting the classic Neapolitan pizza, and the menu includes both classical and experimental dishes. The most popular dish in the first category is the marinara sauce with tomatoes, olives, basil, and oregano, while in the second category, it is the parma ham with figs. 

Both new and used records are available from the vinyl store: the choice is not limited by genre, but is based on the musical tastes of the establishment's founders. Jazz albums, modern electronic music, experimental music from different years, as well as funk, soul, and dub can all be found here. 

Before buying, you can listen to any record in the lounge area: all the necessary audio equipment is available there, and the headphone cables reach the sofas, so you can sit while you listen. 

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