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Open-fire kitchen on the roof of the Central Market


Food at Gorynich is cooked over an open fire on three different stoves. The project was founded by restaurateurs Boris Zarkov (White Rabbit Family) and Ilya Tyutenkov (Ugolyok, Pinch, Severyane) and brand chef Vladimir Mukhin (White Rabbit).

The restaurant's design uses motifs from Russian folklore, with eye-catching accents: rough wood, windows with ornate jambs, murals in Bilibin's style, and a huge open kitchen with a photo panorama of an enchanted forest. Ethnic music complements the atmosphere.

The concept is further expressed through the dominant element of the kitchen interior: a massive round oven, shaped like the head of a dragon. This is where the chefs prepare pizza and flatbreads, as well as bake all of the restaurant's bread, based on "wild" sourdough: it is served as a complimentary starter, along with butter and smoked salt. Any loaf can be bought and taken home, for quite a reasonable price as far as artisanal bread goes.

The open kitchen has a grill with an adjustable height and angle, and a three-tonne smoking oven powered by a rotating mechanism. It is used for preparing meat, fish, seafood, and vegetables. The menu features a decent selection of vegetarian options.

From opening until lunch, Gorynich serves a special breakfast menu: blinis, fritters, baked goods, sandwiches, kasha porridges, regular and organic eggs, and even borscht.

The wine menu is also impressive, and guests are offered an optimal balance between classical and one-of-a-kind cocktails. We recommend booking in advance if you want to dine here in the evening.

The Central Market building, where Gorynich is located, also has more than 75 other food corners.

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