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Hands Asian

A Pan-Asian restaurant with a wide variety of seafood


This Pan-Asian restaurant-bar in Khamovniki was opened by famous chef Vyacheslav Kazakov. It is his first project with oriental cuisine. The restaurant is located in a place with a rich history: at the entrance of a residential complex on Plyushchikha Street, next to the medical complex on the Devichye Field and the Kauchuk factory club built by Konstantin Melnikov. Hands Asian shares its space with Hands neo-bistro, another of the restaurateur's gastronomic projects, however, the interiors of the two venues are markedly different: the Pan-Asian restaurant has subdued light, an open kitchen with steel structures and dark wood, and the walls are decorated in grey pastels. 

Hands Asian does not deliberately focus its offerings on the cuisine of any particular Asian country, and the menu combines various oriental food traditions. The founder has chosen the most interesting dishes and created his own version of a journey to Asia: you can taste Wagyu beef from Japan, seafood from Bangladesh, and unusual varieties of rice from Vietnam here. Some dishes are prepared from rare varieties of fish (such as, for example, black cod or Far Eastern trumpeter). The menu is complemented with a cocktail and wine list: the first part includes unique mixes based on liqueurs and bitters, the second consists of Rieslings and other white wines for pairing with fish.

Photo: Hands Asian

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