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Hong Kong

A Chinese restaurant with a view over Sokolniki




12:00 — 22:30


1500 — 2500

You will find the Hong Kong restaurant on the 24th floor of Holiday Inn Hotel. Its tall panoramic windows overlook the gorgeous Sokolniki Park and VDNH.

The design of the dining space has subtle industrial architecture motifs, plus some elements of the Asian aesthetic. The Chinese Socialist realism artworks add a touch of couleur locale.

The menu celebrates Chinese cuisine, but there are some Vietnamese, Thai, Hawaiian, and European options as well. The chefs are understanding towards the gastronomical habits of their guests: the dishes are not as spicy as they could have been, and the most unusual tastes have been adapted for European preferences. Most of the names are quite familiar: Peking duck, wok, dumplings, and dim sum.

In the center of the restaurant, you will find a large bar counter. Vasily Zheglov, a famous Moscow bartender, has designed original cocktails especially for Hong Kong, adding Asian spices to the mix.

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