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Chinese Gramota. Bar and Food

A unique take on Chinese cuisine

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Chistie Prudy


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Chinese Gramota. Bar and Food was founded by Alexander Rappoport and bases its menu on Cantonese cuisine, which, while being the most widespread outside of China, has so far had little representation in Moscow. Cantonese dishes are known for minimal use of heat and sauces. Special attention is paid to the ingredients' healthy properties and compatibility. Every detail matters: from the sequence of adding ingredients to the dish, to balance between them and even their palette.

The menu features rarities like chicken feet, shark fins, and black duck eggs alongside more familiar options: egg noodles with chicken, dim sum with shrimps, and crushed cucumber salad. Peking duck is the main specialty.

The bar menu has classical cocktails and unusual custom combinations of ingredients from Asia, as well as many different Old- and New-World wines (including Chinese and Japanese fruit wines).

The interior design features numerous stylized sculptures, and meals are accompanied by modern Chinese music. The albums on the shelves are dedicated to Chinese art; some of them were brought back from China by Alexander Rappoport personally.

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