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A restaurant that blends Pan-Asian and Caucasus cuisine


This is the largest restaurant at the Depot food mall, run by the famous Moscow restaurateur Alexander Rappoport. The menu is somewhat based on the Surf & Turf concept. Originally, Surf & Turf means combining seafood and meat within a single dish; but in this case, the restaurant combines cuisines (Pan-Asian and Caucasian).

The menu has two main sections. One offers over a dozen species of crabs, langoustines, shrimps, and other seafood; the other gives a modern twist to a variety of Caucasian dishes like chebureki, khachapuri, khinkali, shawarma, and more.

The interior design carefully preserves the original 19th century brickwork. The lamp shades are the exact replicas on industrial crab traps. In the center, stands the 20-meter bar counter, adorned with octopus-shaped lamps and bronze crab sculptures. The bar menu offers original takes on classical cocktails, along with a sizeable collection of vermouth and mescal varieties.

On Friday and Saturday evenings, the restaurant becomes a club, with DJs and dancing.

CrabsQutabs has a spacious veranda with 90 seats.

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