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An immersive gastrobar


Krasota is Russia's first immersive gastronomical project, courtesy of White Rabbit Family. It blends cooking and visual art.

This space is a real gastronomical theater: an auditorium with a large round table for 30 guests, where a multimedia performance plays out every day, projected on the round walls and the table. The sampling set complements and enhances the audio and visual content. The first performance, Imaginary Russia, presents Russia through concepts pieced together like a patchwork quilt: pagan runes and space flights, panel high-rises and the lavish palaces of the tsars. The project's chef, Likarion Solntsev, has selected a special dish for each video segment, to match the respective historical period as fully as possible.

The dining-hall-turned-theater-foyer has been designed by Natalya Belonogova: the space is shielded by a pink concrete canopy; the windows have wrought-iron shutters; there is a chandelier soaring over the bar; and the decor includes dynamic sculptures.

Ticket sales open on the first day of each month, for the following month. Tickets are only available online, on the project's official website.

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